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British Woodland Bulbs and Other Bulbs For Bees

The native wildflower bulbs we sell in this section are mostly woodland plants and do best in part shade, so they're useful for difficult spots in the garden. Other spring flowering bulbs, like crocuses, can be an important source of early season pollen and nectar, particularly for honeybees and their new brood. There is little forage about for them before the Blackthorn flowers, and this is a time when many colonies starve. Have a look at our "trees for bees" for some ideas about ornamental trees for your garden too!

We have to duck and dive slightly to find suppliers. Generally, the bulbs will either come from Wales, northern England, or a supplier in Holland, who is a member of the Milieukeur scheme.  

Lifting bulbs can be fiddly and is very seasonal; please note the despatch times for bulbs and rhizomes, which vary from plant to plant.

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