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Almond, Prunus dulcis

Prunus dulcis (Almond)

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Prunus dulcis (Almond)

Almond, Prunus dulcis is a very ornamental tree, flowering unusually early. Although this means its blossom is susceptible to late frosts, the almond tree's beauty and value to honey bees in particular mean that it is a valuable addition to any garden. Prunus dulcis doesn't actually produce much nectar, but its pollen is very helpful for new brood. The mass managed pollination of Californian almonds involves up to 1.5 million beehives, which have recently been particularly susceptible to Colony Collapse Disorder - probably as a result of this sort of practice, methinks.  Almonds originally came from the Eastern Mediterranean, but they are frost hardy. They are self fertile.

Size: Half standard (height around 1.75m)
Flowers: March
Soil type: Most fertile well drained soils
Supplier : R.V.Roger
We supply almond trees as bare root, so they are only available between November and March.

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  • Ultimate Height


  • Ultimate Spread


  • Time to Ultimate Height

    20 years


  • Type

    Clay, loam, sand, chalk

  • pH

    Neutral, acid, alkaline


  • Position


  • Sunlight

    Full sun