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Pond Plant Baskets

Pond Plant Baskets

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If you have a preformed pond, or one with a butyl liner, you will need something to plant into. You could use our preplanted coir products or hessian, but if that's too dear or sounds like too much hassle then we can supply specialist fine mesh plastic pots.

These allow oxygen and nutrients to get to the plants. Fill with a low nutrient planting medium like subsoil or "aquatic compost".

The sizes we stock are ideal for the native aquatic plants we sell; for our 51 pond plant collection, assuming you are planting some plants around the edge of the pond you will need baskets for between 20 and 30 plants. For the majority of these plants the top of the basket will need to be at the water level to around 5cm below it. 

11cm x 11cm x 11cm (1 litre): 1 plant

28m x 28cm x 18cm (10 litres): 4 plants

45cm x 18cm x 15cm kidney shape (8 litres): 3 plants

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