Aquatic Native Plants: Water Lilies

Aquatic Native Plants: Water Lilies

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We're currently dispatching aquatic plants within 10 business days except lilies (c.5 weeks), and coir products within 3 weeks.

Aquatic Native Plants: Water Lilies
We sell two native Water Lilies, which will root themselves in the deeper areas of your pond (0.5m to 1.5m deep). Water Lilies are vigorous spreading plants and consequently suitable for larger ponds and lakes, where they would compliment our wildlife pond plant collection. They're very helpful for covering the surface of ponds, to reduce algal bloom. We supply them in 3 litre pots, so they're nice plants.

White Water Lily, or (Nymphaea alba) - pictured.

Yellow Water Lily, or Brandy Bottle (Nuphar lutea) - the most vigorous, a bit of a thug!

Flowers: June-August
Supplier : Anglo Aquatics

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Please note: there is a minimum overall order size of £50. Plants are despatched without soil.