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Wildflower turf for an instant meadow

Wildflower turf for an instant meadow

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Wildflower turf

If you want an instant effect with a mix of wildflowers and grasses similar to our Special General Meadow seed mix, or you are thinking about a green roof, then you might want to look at wildflower, or "meadow" turf. If you have a larger scale meadow project - over 400 square metres - we can even quote you for a bespoke wildflower turf mix.
We explain about the pros and cons of using wildflower turf in our blog; there's no doubt it has a lot going for it when properly prepared and in the right location; it is easy to use and establishes immediately. We quote for wildflower turf on an individual basis as transport costs vary so much, so if you are interested please contact us with your postcode so that we can provide an estimate. Prices for smaller meadow projects start from £12.50 per square metre of turf plus delivery and VAT.

Please note that the mesh on which the turf is grown does not biodegrade. 

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