Cornfield Annuals Seed Mix

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This is a cornfield annual seed mix - i.e. there are no perennials or grasses in it. It will give a fabulous splash of colour in its first year of establishment, but need a different management regime to our perennial mixes. See below for details.

Sowing rate: 2g per square metre, 20 kg per hectare, 8 kg per acre.

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Cornfield Annuals Seed Mix

These cornfield annual seeds are the wildflowers, or arable 'weeds', which once coloured old cornfields with reds, blues and yellows before they were banished by modern weedkillers. Sown in a sunny site these annual wildflowers' massed blooms produce a spectacular display of colour peaking in June, and a fabulous boon for butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects. You can extend the flowering period of your cornfield annuals by repeat seedings around 2 weeks apart. Later spring sowing - up to the end of April - will result in later flowering. 

As a rule of thumb, cornfield annuals will flower around 2 months after they've been seeded in spring. You can also perfectly happily sow in late summer - which is as nature intended, of course - and get flowers the following June. This annual wildflower seed mixture contains a selection of the brightest, most popular cornfield flowers, and will grow well on most soil types. Like all our native wildflower and grass seed, our cornfield annuals seed has guaranteed UK provenance.

It is possible to re-establish cornfield annuals each year from self sown seeds if, after flowering, the flowers are cut back and cuttings removed, and the ground re-cultivated. Please see Emorsgate's excellent Richard Brown on YouTube. This is, of course, why poppies did so well in Flanders over the first world war. The French equivalent to the Remembrance poppy is the cornflower. If you want to boost the numbers of your favourite annuals they can be over-sown at the same time. Corncockle looks like a major component of this mix, but actually has very large seeds. It's now virtually impossible to find in the wild here.

They are also recommended for sowing at 0.5-1g per square metre together with any of our perennial wildflower seed mixtures as a nurse, which is what we did at Archie's meadow. We also have a mix of annual and perennials in our orchard meadow.

100% Wildflowers (by weight)
30.0 Corncockle Agrostema githago
5.0   Corn Chamomile Anthemis arvensis
20.0 Cornflower Centaurea cyanus
20.0 Corn Marigold Chrysanthemum segetum
5.0   Scentless Chamomile Matricaria perforata
5.0   Field Forget-me-not Myosotis arvensis
10.0 Corn Poppy Papaver rhoeas
5.0   Field Pansy Viola arvensis

Sowing rate: 2 g per square metre, 20 kg per hectare, 8 kg per acre.
Mixtures may be ordered in 1 kg increments from 1 kg upwards. Quantities from 2 kg to 10 kg at the 2 kg rate and over 10 kg at the 10 kg rate.

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We strongly recommend reading up on wildflower meadows before buying seed - see our resources section and brief guide to preparation and aftercare, which includes links to our "how to" blogs and video. We also run courses on meadow creation and management

Although we test our seed and it has high germination rates, you need to be careful about initial care and establishing an annual regime. Don't be put off though - once you get the hang of it it's pretty straightforward.