Mulberry Tree - Black Mulberry

Morus nigra


Black Mulberries (Morus nigra) are beautiful specimen trees whose fruit will make jam or wine. They do best on deep heavy soil. Self fertile, Black Mulberries grow to around 6m, with a similar spread. We sell them in 3lt pots. See below for details. 


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Mulberry Tree - Black Mulberry (Morus nigra)

Black Mulberry (Morus nigra) is a beautiful specimen tree whose fruit will make jam or wine. It was all the rage in Tudor times, and trees from those days lasted hundreds of years. Shakespeare was said to have planted one in his back garden. Do you see the fruit for sale now? Black Mulberries were imported into Britain by James I in vast numbers in the 17th century from Persia in the mistaken belief they might help raise silkworms. You actually need White Mulberries, Morus alba.

Morus nigra do best on deep heavy soil, on a site which is in full sun or semi-shade. Self fertile, they grow to around 10m, with a similar spread. We sell Mulberry trees around 50cm tall in a 3 litre pot. We either offer them as single stem plants, which tend to be a bit taller, or multi-stem. They're both the same price. 

Supplier : R.V. Roger Ltd.

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