Our Suppliers

We work with a community of top quality British growers and harvesters. We thought you might be interested in hearing a little about who some of our key suppliers are and what they do. 


Botanica are a small nursery in Suffolk, specialising in growing their own native British plants. 

British Orchids

British Orchids is Suzanne Noble, in Hereford. Suzanne has had many years of experience with wildflowers and wildflower seed, but has more recently started specialising in British orchids, under the guidance of renowned authority Phil Seaton. It's a fiddly business, involving laboratory and horticultural skills, and needs much patience.   

British Wildflower Plants - British Plug Plants

Linda Laxton started BWFP in the 80s at North Burlingham in Norfolk. Since then they have become a byword for reliability and quality in a tricky market. She has been joined by son-in-law Matt Smith, who now runs the nursery day to day while working for his MA. 

Ian Sturrock

Ian is Mr Welsh Apple. He has a small nursery in Bangor, where he grows half forgotten heritage Welsh fruit varieties.

Niwaki - Gardening Tools

Jake Hobson is a leading authority on topiary. He has spent many years in Japan, and now imports top quality Japanese kit into the UK through his Shaftesbury based company Niwaki.

Perrie Hale Nursery - Woodland Trees and Hedging

Perrie Hale was established in Honiton, Devon, in 1957. It has stayed in the same family ever since. These days Nick and Judy Davey run it, with son Olly and daughter-in-law Faye helping out. Perrie Hale supply us with most of our native trees and hedge plants.

R.V. Roger - Fruit Trees and Trees for Bees

Royston Valentine Roger founded his nursery in 1913, when he paid £200 for half an acre of land and a shop in Pickering, just south of the North Yorkshire Moors. The nursery grew slowly after the First World War until 1929, growing ornamental trees and shrubs, roses and fruit trees.  In 1929 he rented a local 400 acre farm, which let him produce them on a commercial scale. 

Today, R.V.Roger continues to thrive. It's run by grandson Ian - that's him on the right - and is still based just outside Pickering. The nursery is an increasingly rare source for traditional varieties of fruit tree, which are grown with the same care as they were a hundred years ago.

Salix RW - Pond Plants

Salix River and Wetland are one of the country's leading aquatic specialists. They spend most of their time working on large scale bio-engineering products, but we're very lucky to have them as suppliers too. Head grower Andy Cooper is based in their nursery in Norfolk.

Shipton Bulbs - Woodland Bulbs

Shipton Bulbs is based in deepest Carmarthenshire - don't try to get there! It's a smallholding in an enchanted wooded valley where John and daughters Astra and Aelfwyn grow an amazing variety of bulbs, from native British species to the uber-exotic. Like his father Eric, John travels the world, usually on plant related trips. And he was at the first Glastonbury Festival. A man with stories to tell. 

Wildflower Seeds

We deal with most of the wildflower seed producers and harvesters in the UK, but are always looking for more. They are small businesses with years of experience behind them, mostly regional. We look for them to be members of Flora Locale. They include - well - let's think - in no particular order: All Things Rural, Heritage Seeds, Emorsgate Seeds, Scotia Seeds, Wyndrush, Kevin Wharf, High Weald Landscape Trust, Goren Farm, Southwest Seeds, Flowerscapes... I think that's everyone - so far!  


Our seeding, groundworks, ecological and planting contractors are experienced specialist UK businesses. Dan Williams in Devon does most of our planting; he has spent all his working life in forestry and horticulture. We also work closely with Clarkson & Woods, an ecological consultancy based in Somerset.