At Habitat Aid we offer a range of services. If you would like to discuss any of the services below, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Finding Plants

We can supply a wide range of native plants and seeds that do not appear on the website, and offer competitive quotes for large size orders.

Whether you are a professional or enthusiastic amateur it can sometimes be time consuming and difficult to source plants. We can find them for you and organize delivery from multiple specialist nurseries at very competitive prices. Please contact us for details.

Swimming Ponds

A natural swimming pool, sometimes called a swimming pond when designed as such, offers a completely natural alternative to chemical pools/ozone or salt pools. We're very much in favour of them over these other types of swimming pool, not least because they can be designed and planted with local flora and fauna in mind. Swimming ponds are chlorine-free and harness nature's processes, with micro-organisms and plants balancing the water chemistry and maintaining clean, clear and hygienic conditions for natural swimming. We recommend a firm of experienced swimming pond consultants who can offer a full design, supply, and installation service for swimming ponds. Please contact us for details.

Wildflower Seed Packets

We can supply seed packets with specialist wildflower seed mixes. We can even design the packets for you, or you can submit your own artwork on a simple template.

We have delivered all sorts of seed packet projects and volumes, from 500 to 350,000 packets, in a wide range of designs and working within a wide range of budgets. They make brilliant fund raising products or promotional gifts, and are surprisingly inexpensive. We specialize in providing high quality and appropriate seed mixes with guaranteed UK provenance, from Flora Locale singatories, and proven germination rates. Our client list for seed packets, which includes the Co-op, Friends of the Earth, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Hillier's Garden Centres, bears witness to the quality of our work.

Please contact us for details of our wildflower seed packet products.

Biodiversity Services

We often find corporates and individual landowners want to "do the right thing" and increase the biodiversity on their land, while making it more aesthetically attractive at the same time. Their problem is they don't know where to start. 

We can offer some or all of these elements under a single umbrella through our network of specialists:

  • Ecological survey and report
  • Landscape design
  • Project management
  • Seed and plant supply
  • Specialist seeding
  • Groundworks
  • Planting
  • Management plan

Fees are quoted on a project-by-project basis for these services. We can't overstate how helpful they can be. Contact us for further details.

Solar Farms

We have worked on over 60 solar farms, typically delivering all of the elements required for their landscape and ecological plans. This can include groundworks, wetland elements, bird and bat boxes, hedging and screening, wildflower meadows and even heathland creation. 


We've planted many kilometres of hedge and many acres of woodland and offer a nationwide planting service for larger scale projects.


Seeding wildflower and grass mixes across large areas is a specialist business. We offer a reasonably priced nationwide service, delivered by specialists.