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Welcome to our online shop. We're a small business in Somerset which sells plants and seeds. We're particularly keen on native species. We sell woodland treeshedging and hedge plantswildflowersgarden "trees for bees"pond plantsheritage fruit tree varietieswildflower seed and bulbs. We source them from nice British nurseries, growers and harvesters. We make regular donations from online sales to small science based UK conservation charities. Our plants look good and do good. 

Habitat loss and fragmentation are at the heart of the decline in wildlife in the UK. We want to help you make beautiful oases for nature, from urban garden to large estate. Wildflower meadows, orchards, ponds, rivers, wetlands, hedges, woodland, wildlife gardens - these are essential for the future of our wildlife.

It’s difficult to know where to shop to realise your vision - there are lots of traps for the unwary. Sometimes plants for sale are grown using pesticides which then harm the insects feeding from them. The wildflower seed business in the UK is hopelessly opaque and unregulated; quality and provenance vary enormously. Agricultural cultivars and non-native plants are often sold as "wildflowers". “Native” trees and hedging are routinely sourced from Europe, as are British fruit tree varieties. Pond plants are often contaminated by invasive non-native weeds. How do you know what to buy and where it's from?

Don’t worry. We’re proud to offer a top quality range from our lovely community of UK growers and harvesters, who will send your order directly to you to keep costs and emissions low. We offer loads of expert advice on the website and in our blog, and we're happy to field questions. We can even plant, seed or manage your project for you. Whether you’re an amateur gardener or landscape professional, we can help you help nature.