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Please note we are no longer accepting orders for delivery before Christmas!


We have a £50 minimum spend because we deliver plants and seeds from our community of suppliers direct to our customers. They all have different shipping costs. Some of our seed harvesters use Royal Mail, for example, and the plant nurseries use different couriers with different cost structures. It’s just not possible to link these different costs to all the different products on the site, so we work with a £50 minimum, which includes shipping and VAT. ALL the prices on the website include VAT and P&P to addresses in the mainland UK. We have had to introduce a £12 surcharge for offshore UK deliveries, which helps us offset the extra cost of delivering there. We also operate two other websites which sell smaller amounts, British Wildflower Meadow Seeds and British Pond Plants.


Apart from the "trees for bees" and (annoyingly) crocus bulbs, all the seeds, plants and trees you will find on the site are British grown from British stock. In other words, they have UK provenance and origin. You'll find the supplier of each seed mix, plant or tree on the individual product page, so you can see where they're from. They're typically small specialist growers or harvesters. Some are organic and some not, but those who do use chemicals do so sparingly. We audit our suppliers to make sure we're happy with the quality of their products and methods they use.


In addition to helping small UK producers we your purchases help us support a range of charities which are related to the products we sell.