Carpinus betulus


The handsome, spreading Hornbeam looks very similar to Beech although it's not related and has an attractive fluted and sinewy trunk. It's a useful tree, holding its leaves in winter in a hedge (although not as a tree), which makes it very handy as a windbreak around my apiary. It also tolerates damp sites and surpringly deep shade. See below for details.

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After 10 yrs

Height: 6m
Width: 4m

At Maturity

Height: 25m
Width: 20m

Product Details

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

The handsome, spreading Hornbeam tree looks very similar to Beech, although it's not related. It has an attractive fluted and sinewy trunk, and is consequently often used as a pleached tree or for espalier planting. It's a useful and unfussy tree, holding its leaves in winter in a formal  hedge (although not as a tree), which makes it very handy as a windbreak. It also tolerates damp sites and surprisingly deep shade (which incidentally Beech will not). Hornbeam wood is amazingly tough (and will quickly blunt a chainsaw), hence it being known as "Ironwood", and burns well, hence another synonym, "Candlewood".

Hornbeam's natural range in the UK is in the South East, where it was managed by pollarding, although we have some beautiful specimens in local parkland in Somerset dating from the 19th century, when they were popular. Carpinus betulus thrives on heavy soils and works well to make a formal hedge on its own, or as a component of a mixed hedge. It is, consequently, good for privacy and for providing shelter for birds and other wildlife.

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Provenance certificates are available on request for smaller size Hornbeam trees, which are from the Southwest of England.
Smaller Sizes Hornbeam Supplier: Perrie Hale Forest Nursery
Standards Supplier: R.V.Roger

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Please note that standard sizes relate to tree girths in cm, and approximate to the Hornbeam's height in feet. See our planting and size guide for details and tips on planting.

All these Hornbeam trees are bare root, and are consequently available for delivery from November until March. During the lifting season there may be up to two weeks delay between placing the order and dispatching (longer for standards), due to weather conditions or pressure of orders, which are dealt with in date sequence. Orders for Hornbeams placed between March and September are confirmed in October ready for dispatch from November.