Open Fronted Nestbox



Open fronted nest box for wrens, robins, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers. 100% recycled plastic and waste wood, designed by professional ornithologists. See below for product details.

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Product Details

Open Fronted Nestbox

Nestbox Features

This nestbox, like all the nestboxes  in our range, is made entirely from recycled products. The outer shell is 100% recycled plastic, mostly from farms in the UK. It's completely inert, tough, lightweight and long lasting - the manufacturers reckon these boxes will last over 20 years. Its clever design means it slots together, so no glue or fixings.  

There's an inner chamber made from FSC certified strand board, itself made from recycled wood offcuts and waste. It improves insulation for the nest. It slips out easily for cleaning and has drainage holes to prevent a build up of water. Designed by professional ornithologists.


These open fronted boxes are specially designed for wrens, pied wagtails and robins. If you're really lucky you might see a spotted flycatcher use them. Site 2 - 4m from the ground, facing away from the prevailing wind - usually a westerly or southwesterly. It's also best to find a secluded hidden spot in undergrowth or hedgerow, so that the nest is hidden from predators.

Supplier: The Nestbox Company

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