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We're not usually big on stuff, but Rootgrow really does seem to help young plants get going. We'd recommend it for fruit trees, ornamentals and native plants.
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Rootgrow is designed to treat bare rooted plants such as hedging, fruit canes, trees and shrubs. It's recommended by the RHS. 

All roots need mycorrhizal fungi, which act as a secondary root system in the soil to reach nutrients. Mycorrhizal fungi can be used to boost growth in newly planted trees and hedges. Using Rootgrow speeds up the process of the fungi growth resulting in stronger plants that can establish more quickly. It's a great biological treatment.

The benefits:
Increased phosphorus uptake
Significantly improved drought resistance
No need for chemical fertilisers
Better and quicker establishment

We sell Rootgrow online 60g and 360kg sachetsand 2.5kg tubs.

Plant Size   Treated plants per 60g  Treated plants per 360g    Treated plants per 2.5kg

60-90cm               15                                         85                                             400

100-125cm           10                                         60                                             300 

150-200cm            1                                         10                                               75