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Seed packets
Promotional Seed Packets

Promotional Seed Packets

We hold a stock of small promotional seed packets, which are an ideal low cost option for seed give-aways between 100 and 1000 packets. You could use them on their own, inside branded paper envelopes, or - as the photo - stuck to postcards.

The packets are plain 50mmX65mm foils, each containing 2g of our bee mix. The bee mix comprises entirely native wildflowers, mostly perennials but with some annuals to give colour in the first season following seeding. It's a very diverse seed mix, put together to benefit a wide range of pollinator species - not just bees. You can find details of the mix here

It's easy to grow and suitable for gardens and planters. 2g is a generous fill for this kind of packet and will cover between 1 and 2 square metres. 

The sowing instruction are pretty simple, and we're happy to provide wording for you on request.

As with all our wildflower seeds, these are UK origin.

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