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Red campion Silene dioica
Silene dioica
Red campion Silene dioica, Somerset hedgerow

Red Campion (Silene dioica)

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Red Campion (Silene dioica)

Red campion, Silene dioica, is a well known and widespread wildflower, most common in light woodland and as a hedgerow plant. It does though also occur in meadows, especially around the edges and adds a welcome touch of pink in the late spring and early summer. The campions are good nectar sources for moths and therefore help to sustain out native bats. Long tongued bumblebees and the occasional butterfly will also feed from them and hoverflies can take the pollen. Several moth species including the aptly named Campion Moth lay their eggs, not on the leaves of this plant but in the flower head, and the growing caterpillars feed on the seeds.
Red campion will seed and spread gently in a meadow and is likely to occur in small discreet areas, never becoming too abundant.

We supply Red campion in our selected wildflower trays or seed mixes but we also sell it on its own here as seed, 55cc plug plants, or in more generous half litre pots.

Supplier : British Wildflower Plants / All Things Rural
Our Red campion plants and seeds have guaranteed UK provenance and are supplied by signatories to the Flora Locale code of practice.