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Welsh meadow
Welsh meadow seed mix

Wales Wildflower Meadow Seed Mix

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Wales Wildflower Meadow Seed Mix

This seed mix is ideal for anyone creating a meadow on neutral soil, and includes a wide diversity of grasses and wildflowers including significant elements of Yellow Rattle and Eyebright. It also has a very high wildflower content - the harvesters estimate 70% this year (this is just an estimate at this stage!), which means it offers very good value for money. The seed is harvested from three sites in Pembrokeshire - Blaencleddau, Caeau Rhyd-y-Mwyn and Plas Dwbl - which means it has more species than a single site would typically produce. 

We're very excited to have secured enough seed from the 2020 harvest to sell here.

Our Welsh meadow mix is also available here  in smaller size packets through our sister website.

Major Wildflower Species:

Cuckoo Flower Cardamine pratensis

Common knapweed Centaurea nigra

Common Mouse-ear Cerastium fontanum

Pignut Conopodium majus

Beaked Hawksbeard Crepis versicaria

Eyebright Euphrasia nemerosa

Catsear Hypochaeris radicata

Rough hawkbit Leontodon hispidus

Oxeye Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare

Bird's-foot trefoil Lotus corniculatus

Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil Lotus pedunculatus

Ribwort Plantain Plantago lanceolata

Self-heal Prunella vulgaris

Meadow Buttercup Ranunculus acris

Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor

Common Sorrel Rumex acetosa

Lesser Stitchwort Stellaria graminea

Dandelion Taraxacum officinale

Lesser trefoil Trifolium dubium

Wild red Clover Trifolium pratense

White Clover Trifolium repens


Common Bent Agrostis capillaris

Sweet Vernal Grass Anthoxanthum odoratum

Crested dog's-tail Cynosaurus cristatus

Field woodrush Luzula campestris

Other species are present in smaller quantities.

Seeding rate: 3g to 4g/square metre, 12kg - 16kg/acre, 30kg - 40kg/Ha.

Supplier: Wyndrush Wild

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