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Wildflower collection for wet areas

Wildflowers for wet areas

Tray of 104 native British wildflowers for wet areas. Including 13 species selected from: Angelica, Articulated Rush, Brooklime, Brookweed, Blue Water Speedwell, Cambridge Milk Parsley, Common Sedge, Cotton Grass, Cyperus Sedge, Devils Bit Scabious, False Fox Sedge, Fleabane, Gipsywort, Glaucous Sedge, Globeflower, Greater Birds Foot Trefoil, Hemp Agrimony, Lady’s Smock, Lesser Spearwort, Marsh Cinquefoil, Marsh Marigold, Marsh Pennywort, Meadowsweet, Milk Parsley, Parsley Water Dropwort, Purple Loosestrife, Ragged Robin (pictured), Silverweed, Skullcap, Sneezewort, Square Stalked St Johns Wort, Valerian, Water Avens, Water Figwort, Water Forget me Not, Water Mint, Yellow Flag Iris, Yellow Loosestrife
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Tray of 104 selected wildflower plug plants.

Wildflower plug plant selection for wet areas

** Please note: We may substitute other suitable plants depending on availability and season **

We also offer a similar seed mix to these small plug plants but with more species, including grasses.

These egg cup sized plug plants are a useful way of quickly establishing plants, particularly in existing sward and/or for smaller areas, grown at 5 plants / square metre or 10 plants.

These British wildflowers aren't just attractive and good sources of nectar, but they're also essential foodplants for butterfly and moth larvae.

All these wildflowers are grown from guaranteed native seed, most of which is collected by the suppliers themselves. They're grown without the use of peat, fungicides or pesticides.

Grower: British Wildflower Plants