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Solar Farm Meadow mix

Solar Farm Wildflower Meadow Seed Mixes

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Solar Farm Wildflower Meadow Seed

Solar farms can be hotspots for wildlife if properly seeded/planted and managed. They can provide secure and varied habitats for a range of endangered species, from ground nesting birds and small mammals to reptiles and a wide range of invertebrates, including bees and butterflies. Contrary to popular belief and common practice, it's possible to combine biodiversity with solar farms AND save on management costs.

We supply specialist wildflower and grass seed mixes for solar farms from our network of small UK producers. These mixes either follow planning conditions, or we have developed them in conjunction with clients and Local Planning Authorities. Working with our partners, we can help produce a habitat management plan for your project and/or execute it. This might include creating wetland features, hedge, copse and orchard planting, habitat box installation, groundworks and seeding. Working in partnership with experts we can even develop habitats in solar farms which are particularly appropriate to target species.

We have had several years' experience supplying seed and seeding sites across the country for a number of leading developers, including Statkraft. Please contact us for further details or a quote.