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Orange tip butterfly and bluebells
Woodland edge seed mix

Woodland Edge Seed Mix - Including Grasses

Origin: UK, and certified grasses

Soil type: Neutral, low to medium fertility

Seeding rate: 4g per square metre

Approximate wildflowers: grasses ratio: 30:70

Species mix: Please see below

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Woodland Edge Meadow Seed Mix - Including Grasses

This seed mix is a specially selected mixture of grasses and wild native woodland flowers that will bloom in spring and early summer. It needs some shade. Woodland edge is a particularly important habitat for a number of invertebrates, including some bumblebees. We have increased the wildflower element of this mix to 30% as some of the species here can be rather shy! We also sell the wildflower element of this mix on its own, which might be helpful.

Please note that this seed mix includes Digitalis; the seeds and all parts of the Foxglove are extremely poisonous.

The bluebells in the mix are native, not Spanish, and harvested under DEFRA licence. We also sell Bluebell bulbs on their own. This wildflower seed has guaranteed UK origin and provenance and the grasses are certified.

30% native wildflower seed and 70% certified grasses.

30% Wildflowers (by weight)
3.0 Agrimony Agrimonia eupatoria
3.0 Garlic Mustard Alliaria petiolata
1.0 Ramsons Allium ursinum
0.5 Wild Angelica Angelica sylvestris
0.5 Nettle-leaved Bellflower Campanula trachelium
1.5 Foxglove Digitalis purpurea
1.5 Teasel Dipsacus fullonum
2.0 Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria
2.0 Hedge Bedstraw Galium mollugo
2.0 Wood Avens Geum urbanum
0.5 Bluebell Hyacynthoides non-scripta
1.5 Perforate St. John's-wort Hypericum perforatum
1.5 Selfheal Prunella vulgaris
3.0 Red Campion Silene dioica
1.5 Betony Stachys officinalis
1.5 Greater Stitchwort Stellarea holostea
1.5 Upright Hedge-parsley Torilis japonica
1.5 Wood False-brome Brachypodium sylvaticum

70% Grasses
10.0 Common Bent Agrostis capillaris
10.0 Sweet Vernal-grass Anthoxanthum odoratum
25.0 Slender-creeping Red-fescue Festuca rubra
10.0 Wood Meadow-grass Poa nemoralis
15.0 Crested dogstail Cynosurus cristatus

Sowing Rate: Sowing rate: 4 g per square metre, 40 kg per hectare, 16 kg per acre.

Supplier : All Things Rural

Note: The photo is for illustrative purposes only and does not accurately reflect all the elements of the seed mix.

Although we test our seed and it has high germination rates, you need to be careful about initial care and establishing an annual regime. Don't be put off though - once you get the hang of it it's pretty straightforward.