Road Verge Wildflower and Grass Seed Mix

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This is a native wildflower and grass seed mix for road verges. It is a diverse, attractive and easy to manage mix appropriate for a wide range of sites.  See below for details.

Seeding rate: 4g/square metre, 16kg/acre, 40kg/Ha.

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Product Details

Road Verge Wildflower And Grass Seed Mix

Local councils have recently started to understand the potential that road verges have for wildflowers. In the past verges have been cut aggressively - at vast expense - in order to keep them tidy. Managed differently, however, they can be lower cost, attractive, and havens for wildlife. What's not to like!

This wildflower and grass mix will provide beautiful and biodiverse road verges at relatively low cost - it doesn't need reseeding annually as the species in it are all perennials. They have been selected to deal with the tough and varied conditions found on road verges, as well as being relatively low growing and easy to manage. 

All of the species in this 80:20 grasses:wildflowers mix are native, so it is appropriate for rural as well as urban locations.

Seeding rate: 4g/square metre, 16kg/acre, 40kg/Ha.

Supplier: Emorsgate Seeds

We donate half of our profits on sales of the road verge seed mix to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.