Sweet Chestnut

Castanea sativa 'Marlhac'



'Marlhac' is a grafted Sweet chestnut cultivar from France. It's a vigorous tree which produces handsome large - and tasty - chestnuts. Supplied bare root from November - March. See below for more details. 

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Product Details

Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa) 'Marlhac'

Sweet chestnut trees have been grafted for many years in an effort to improve disease resistance and the speed of cropping and size, number and taste of the chestnuts. The French varieties lead the way. Marlhac has a complicated parentage including the Japanese chestnut, Castanea crenata. It's a vigorous branching tree, bearing delicious, handsome large nuts after 4 to 5 years - so from around 3 years for the plants we sell.

Size: 60-80cm

Flowers: June - July
Soil type: Most soils
Supplier : R.V.Roger Ltd.

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Our 'Marlhac' trees are supplied bare root. At the height of the lifting season there may be up to a month's delay between placing the order and dispatching due to pressure of orders, which are dealt with in date sequence, and the weather. Orders for Sweet Chestnut trees taken from March to October are confirmed for dispatch from November.