Wildflower Plant Collections

Wildflower Plug Plants

Why British Wildflowers?

Native British wildflowers aren't just attractive in the garden or meadow. They'er good sources of nectar and pollen, and also essential foodplants for butterfly and moth larvae. You can see a useful summary at UK Butterflies. Many of our native flowers are struggling at the moment in the face of high pollution levels, herbicides and intensive land use.

Our Plants

These carefully chosen 55cc wildflower plug plants are grown from guaranteed British seed, mostly collected by our suppliers themselves. They're selected for different soil types, situations and objectives, and are offered in trays of 104 plants. They are grown without the use of peat based compost, fungicides or pesticides.

Planting Wildflowers

We recommend planting at 5 plants per square metre. These are only small plugs, so if you are planting into existing grass they will need some initial care. Keep a small circle around them clear of grass while they establish; this probably also means keeping the grass cut.

Alternative Approaches

We can supply wildflower turf on request. Although expensive and currently limited in selection it has a great deal to recommend it too. Please contact us for details.

We offer a range of seed mixes, which are more diverse and much cheaper than the plug plants. They will not generally work if sown into grass, however. We also sell many individual species of wildflowers as plug plants. These all have guaranteed UK provenance too.